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  “Rome, lucky city, invincible and eternal.”

Tito Livio





Standing just few steps from our B&B, we suggest to visit Villa Carpegna, one of the most ancient and titled mansion of Rome. Its history is related to the Carpegna’s family, in particular to the figure of Cardinal Gaspare Carpegna, one of the richest and powerful man of his times. In 1684 he bought a vineyard with a cottage nearby his properties. Few years later, he appointed his trusted architect, Giovanni Antonio de Rossi, with the project of the Casino Nobile. The building has a rectangular plan, and is made up of a central unit, and of two side bodies provided with turrets. The Casino connects the entrance with a monumental “ninfeo” trough a spectacular system of fountains.
In XIX Century, the mansion became property of the family Falconieri, and was enriched with a tiny parlor painted at the “Pompey’ way” and with the construction of a side building next to the principal one.
In 1902 the villa was bought by the Baroness Caterina Von Scheyns, who further embellished the mansion, that became an international salon open to all the important personalities of the time, such as Pope Giovanni XXIII.
From 1978, Villa Carpegna is property of the municipality of Rome, and it is the headquarters of the Quadriennale of Rome.
The entrance to the Villa is open to the public from dawn to sunset.