“I am citizen of Rome.”

Marco Tullio Cicerone


The decision to open a Bed and Breakfast in Rome, reflects the will to propose the guests a concrete alternative to the traditional hospitality tourism, an emotional experience that could last during the time and offer the visitor the chance to discover Rome through the eyes of those who live in the city everyday.

bed and breakfast roma aurelia

Gabriele, the owner, is an authentic Roman that can boast an 8 generation descendants.
The idea to open the door of his recently restored house takes origin from the desire to share with the guests his profound love for Rome and the simple everyday pleasures of the city life.
Choosing Roma Nostra B&B, you’ll feel perfectly at ease, like in your own home, and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the typical Roman hail, with a professional and efficient service.



Indirizzo: Piazza Cardinal Ferrari, 2 - Roma    

Tel: (+39) 333-45.42.183
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